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Патч The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.7 содержит исправления ошибок в заданиях, а также дополнительные исправления для MAC-клиента.


Сражения и игровая механика


Fixed an issue where werewolves could use Devour on the same corpse multiple times.



Fixed an issue for a graphics-related memory leak. Fixed an issue for an animation-related memory leak.



One of the Undaunted: You can now advance past the quest step "Be Initiated.”


To Walk on Far Shores: Septima Tharn will no longer get stuck in the world.

==== Coldharbour ==== Breaking the Shackle and Army of Meridia: If you have both of these quests, you’re now able to talk to Vanus Galerion to advance both quests correctly. Vanus Unleashed: Vanus Galerion’s projection will now always appear for you. The Army of Meridia: You will no longer become blocked if King Dynar becomes stuck while making his Coldharbour speech. Thorn in Your Side/A Bargain with Shadows/The Will of the Worm: Thallik’s champion will now spawn for all possible quest options. Crossing the Chasm: Molag Grunda will now spawn when you enter her chambers after killing Tiny. Hall of Judgment: You can now progress even if monsters in any of the waves get stuck.


Cold-blooded Vengeance: If you’re in a group, you should no longer have difficulties in burning the boats. Plague Bringe: If Captain Diiril becomes stuck and unable to attack or be attacked, he will now respawn at his starting point.


Snow and Flame: Thane Mera Stormcloak will now appear at the proper location.


Eyes of Azura: Irrai will no longer become stuck and inaccessible for you. You can now interact with the letter on the table. Heart of the Matter: You can now advance the quest after Ukaezai is killed and you take her soul.


Audience with the Wilderking: If Advisor Norion becomes stuck, he will no longer block quest progress, nor will he prevent anyone else from interacting with the stone pillar.

Гильдия магов

Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent: There is now just one Valaste in the Mages Guild to interact with on the quest step “Talk to Valaste.”

Главный квест

Cadwell’s Silver: You can now always discover your first wayshrine and go to the beginning of your first unlocked alliance. Shadow of Sancre Tor: If Mannimarco gets stuck during this fight, he and the event will now restart. Weight of Three Crowns: The Alliance Leaders will now spawn properly on quest step “ Listen to the Alliance Leaders.”

Malabal Tor

Restore the Silvenar: The Bewitchers will no longer run away in the middle of a conversation, which was formerly preventing you from advancing the quest.

Reaper’s March

The Moonlit Path: The quest will no longer reset if you get too far ahead of Silvenar and the Green Lady. To Honor the Fallen: Nethrin will now spawn after you visit both dig sites.


Dream-Walk Into Darkness: Killing the skeletons will now advance the quest. Ancient Power: It’s now easier to interact with Miruin’s Journal to begin this quest. The Lightless Remnant: Verandis will now spawn at the end of the quest, allowing you to progress.

The Rift

Tomb Beneath the Mountain: If Hakra becomes stuck, the boss scene will reset so you can still advance. Storming the Hall: Fixed an issue that could cause Vigrod Wraithbane to not talk to you on the quest step “Talk to Vigrod Wraithbane.”



Created a new map for Trolhetta Summit in The Rift.